Fractals will leave you (and your grandma!) wishing you’d brought a friend.

Fractals follows a writer named Geraldine and her muse Phyllis, a cab driver. The show was well received in Toronto and Fundy Fringe Festivals, and we are excited to give audiences the opportunity to catch this critically acclaimed show once more in The One More Night Festival.

We had a few questions for Fractals’ creator Krista White (including: When does the album come out!!).

If your show was on Netflix, which category would it be in?
Gay & Lesbian / Independant/ Musical/ Drama/ Comedy/

That is a lot of categories! What will we see in your show that we haven’t seen before?
A dog who blows away in a hurricane who is NOT Toto!

What would my 90 year old Grandma love about your show?

What would my 90 year old Grandma hate about your show?
That she didn’t bring her friends.

What would Donald Trump tweet about your show?
“She’s no miss universe but she’s bigly cute, and hugely funny, and I am so proud of how well I wrote that show. It was big of me, wasn’t it?”

Tell me three things I should know about the playwright. (Bonus points if it rhymes)
She sings like a bird,
She loves the written word,
Loves hockey, so I heard.

The main character of your play appears on Judge Judy. Who is suing who, and why?Geraldine sues Phyllis, a cabbie who shows up even when a taxi has not been requested. She drops the case though, because Phyllis offers free fares.

Come for the storytelling but stay for the music AND storytelling.

Instagram: _kristawhite

Fractals plays Saturday October 21 at 4pm
The Commons Theatre

587a College St
Get your tickets HERE


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Grid City Magazine
“Fan Favourite” – Fundy Fringe Festival
“Fringe 2016 Highlight” – Mooney on Theatre
“DO. NOT. MISS. THIS. SHOW… The woman beside me said, “she’s amazing!” about 12 times.” – Fundy Fringe Patron

Do you or I or anyone know what makes us who we are? In this captivating and hilarious one woman show, writer and nature enthusiast, Geraldine just might find the answers with the help of a cab driver named Phyllis.

🤣😲😊😍 #Comedy #HilariousStory #Music #Existential #CabDrivers #Storytelling

Written and Performed by: Krista White
Previously Performed: Toronto Fringe Festival, 2016; Fundy Fringe Festival, 2017

Get your tickets HERE

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