Mockingbird Close will leave you asking: “What Really Happened??”

“Fake news! These people are lying. Totally unfit parents. Should be locked up. That wife is a beautiful, gorgeous woman though. At least she has that going for her.
– Imagined Tweet from Donald Trump, if he had seen Mockingbird Close.

Mockingbird Close is a Canadian play that had never been produced outside Alberta until INpulse Theatre mounted it at the RED Sandcastle Theatre in September 2017. It is edgy, unique, and fully entertaining. We believe that Torontonians deserve to experience 55 minutes of pure, unadulterated entertainment one more time, so we sat down with the team of INpulse Theatre to ask more about what we can expect from Mockingbird Close at the 5th Annual One More Night Festival.

First of all – what does your show give me that cat videos on Youtube can’t?
Why should I leave my house?
Mona Hobbs. ’nuff said. See the show. She’s the human “sad cat diary” video, but live!

What will we see in your show that we haven’t seen before?
Two actors play seven characters: Leonty and MacInnis play an entire neighbourhood over the course of less than an hour, and they never miss a beat!
Physical, stylized movement.
No one is who he or she seems!

If your show was on Netflix, which category would it be in?
Dramedy, Drama, Dark Comedy, Suspense

What have people said about this show after previous productions?
“gripping, darkly funny”
“it borders on absurd without ever losing itself.” – Mooney on theatre
“Leonty and MacInnis are a two-person master class in their performances” – Cowbell

You’ve been asked to perform your show in front of city council before they make final decisions on a big new law. What laws are they considering passing?
“All Neighbours must participate in the Block Parent Neighbourhood Watch”
“No witches allowed in Mockingbird Estates”
“Babies should be allowed to wear dresses and bows whether they are boys or girls”
“Policy on Adultery – Be faithful to your spouse in 1956”

How can we follow you on social media?
FB: @INpulseTheatre
Insta: @inpulsetheatre
Twitter: @INpulse_Theatre #mockclose

We say: Come for the facts, but stay for the fiction!

Mockingbird Close plays Sunday, October 21nd at 9:00 PM
The Commons Theatre: 587a College Street
Part of The One More Night Festival 
Get Tickets: HERE

⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Edmonton Journal
“It’s haunting” – Mooney on Theatre
“Part fairy tale, part psychological thriller” – Life with More Cowbell
“A theatrical buffet” – Vue Weekly
“Grabs you by the throat” – Megan from TorontoMeet the perfect 1950’s family; Iris, hank and their small son. They live in a nice home, in a nice, crime-free, gated community.
Then something happens and their little boy disappears. Nothing make sense and the neighbours aren’t helping.
In this haunting, intense drama, two actors play both the devastated parents and the neighbours they beg for help.😱😳😰😍 #Suspense #Dramedy #Mystery #WhodunnitWritten by: Trevor Schmidt
Starring: Tiana Leonty and David MacInnis
Directed by: Ryan F. Hughes
Produced by: Tracey Beltrano and Tiana Leonty

Get Tickets: HERE

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