Szeretlek is About Making Love, Not War!

The Grand Salto Theatre is the company behind the award-winning play, Szeretlek: A Hungarian Love Story.
They have travelled across Canada, performing their show in 7 different Fringe Festivals.  They have received rave reviews, standing ovations, sold out houses and even an award for “Most Adorable Show.” They are a company based out of Toronto, and yet they have never performed in Toronto.
That is until now!
We sat down with the creators behind Szeretlek: A Hungarian Love Story, to talk about their upcoming, one-night-only performance in The One More Night Festival.

First of all, tell me three things I should know about the playwright and creators of the show.
1) Playwrights/performers Zita Nyarady and Myque Franz are husband and wife.
2) They interviewed Zita’s Grandmother for the show.
3) Everything you see on stage happened in real life.

What else will we see in your show that we haven’t seen before?
The combination of true storytelling, masks, dance and linguistics!

If your show was on Netflix, which category would it be in?
Historical documentary and Romantic foreign film with a touch of comedy

What emojis best describe what you see on audiences’ faces when you perform this show?

What would my 90 year old Grandma love about your show?
Our show is about Zita’s 90 year old Grandma! Grandmas love this show.
That’s true! Why Toronto, why this show, and why now?
The show is about love and how love can grow in dark times.
We are from Toronto but don’t often perform in the city. After performing this show at seven fringe festivals across Canada we are excited to have it’s Toronto debut at OMNF.
If the main character of your show had Instagram, what pictures would my feed be full of?
Stylish hats.

While we’re on the social media topic, if your show had a Tinder profile, what would you put on there to make me Swipe Right?
Pictures of 19 year old Katalin Szabo in 1946 or pictures of 90 year old Katalin Szabo in 2017. She was a hottie. She still is a hottie.
What does your show give me that cat videos on Youtube can’t?
Cat videos don’t teach you Hungarian.

If we were to turn your show into a documentary, we might rename it:
 How to survive ________ in Canada.

How to survive Being Hungarian in Canada

What is the one thing you want audiences to be talking about as they leave the theatre?

“How did they do that?” “Love can blossom in even the darkest times.” “I have an idea on how to perform/write/draw/archive my family stories!”

How can we follow you on social media? 
@TheGrandSalto (Twitter and Instagram) (Facebook)

Szeretlek: A Hungarian Love Story plays Sunday, October 22nd at 7:00 PM
The Commons Theatre: 587a College Street
Part of The One More Night Festival 
Tickets: HERE

⭐⭐⭐⭐1/2 – Winnipeg Free Press 
⭐⭐⭐⭐1/2 – Vue Weekly
“Most Adorable Show” – Ottawa New Critics 
Charming and Fun” – Theatre in London 
“This was, by far, my fave.” – Ron, theatre-goer from Winnipeg

On the eve of her grandmother’s 90th birthday, playwright Zita sat down with her grandmother and interviewed her about her life. What she didn’t expect was to hear a touching, heart-string-pulling love story about her grandmother’s first love in a tiny, war-torn, Hungarian Village.
Two actors perform a factual and comical re-telling of a beautiful and true love story, set in 1946.

😲😍😂😚  #LoveStory #HungarianCulture #Nostalgia #TrueStory #Mask #FolkDance #Comedy 
Written and Performed by: Zita Nayrady and Myque Franz
Directed by: Maria Wodzinska

Tickets: HERE

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